Green Car Rent a car Dubai is a new and unique hire or lease montly, yearly a car concept for Dubai, UAE and entire Middle East

Giving drivers the opportunity to rent a car in dubai or lease monthly, or yearly hybrid and full-electric luxury vehicles. The company runs a fleet of electrically powered cars, ranging from Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, to the high-end luxury of a BMW X6. You can even hire a Tesla Roadster, one of the world's only electric supercars.

Based in UAE in the vibrant city of Dubai, the company is the only hybrid/electric car rental company in dubai and Middle East region & the first in the world to offer luxury vehicles on its green fleet. Green Car Rental Dubai is ideal for trying an electric vehicle before committing to actually buying one.

Through its fleet, Green Car Rental Dubai is fully committed to promoting the move towards renewable sustainable energy, to actively help to lower the region's carbon emmissions levels and move the Gulf towards a healthier future for everyone.

With Green Car Rental Dubai, there is no need to compromise your style when going green.

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